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"Songs From The Heart" is a very special and personal project for me. 14 Solo Piano pieces composed and performed as single performances from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy them!

Q and Chris at David Foster's house
discussing Quincy's new autobiography

CB conducting his score for "Spy Kids"
at Skywalker Ranch.

Recording "Midtown Moves" with Abraham Laboriel and Tom Vicari


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Singles From the new Album "FOR THE HOLIDAYS" now available on iTunes:


Soundtrack for the cult hit "Local Color" now available on iTunes and other digital outlets!

Film available on Netflicks


Conducting for Josh Groban:


I've been doing some educational videos for Youtube about the film scoring/orchestration process.

  "Chris has had personal experience with most all of the great composers, arrangers and orchestrators of the past 30 years. His knowledge and command of the orchestra is masterful. His practical experience with so many genres is unsurpassed. I know of few others who have "been there, done that" as well as Chris has over the years. His willingness to share his experiences with future generations is a gift that few can give." -Quincy Jones

"I cant think of anyone Ive worked with who is better qualified to write this book. Chris Boardman has demonstrated over the years not only a broad knowledge of all types of music, but brings to any project on which he works a special, indefinable quality which separates him from his peers. Call it sheer talent, hipness, passion&whatever you will, but you can be assured that if a piece has his name on it, its special. His erudition makes him the perfect person to guide new composers and arrangers, since he is at home in all fields of musical expression. This book certainly fills a need. As Chris says in his Introduction, nowhere is there a practical guide for writing for the orchestra which addresses the literature and the technology of the second half of the last century. Now its here and it only enhances Chris Boardmans reputation as a superb musician." -Larry Grossman (Broadway composer of "A Doll's Life" and many other shows).


Currently we areĀ  talking with a number of film makers about a project for the spring/summer. Check back for more information.


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